Sister Madness

I am the oldest child in my family and that has its advantages, but all of my siblings are girls and I have three of them. It’s always quite funny to get peoples reaction when I tell them I have three sisters. Some have that emotion of “I’m so so sorry.” and other have that reaction of “Sucks to be you.”. Believe me it sucks sometimes but I love my sisters with all my heart. For some reason though because I have three sisters I’m supposed to have this nugget of wisdom for how a girl thinks. I’m probably as confused if not more than the average guy because I get attacked by hormones constantly.

I have yet to prefect a way to break into the mind of a women and I’m around females all the time, mom, sisters, friends, and girlfriend. For someone who has no idea what the hell they are doing I have a funny way of showing it. My sisters resemble the devil to me when they banned together to screw with me. I mean honestly most of the time I feel like this.


I was only shown through shows like full house that younger siblings were supposed to respect their older siblings. Wrong, most of the time they plot ways to destroy you. The fact that two of them have gone through puberty and now have periods mean that I get screwed one week a month. I pray god help me get out of this house before my last sister goes through puberty. Whoever caused women to sync their periods obviously wanted to see the world burn.

2 thoughts on “Sister Madness

  1. I have four brothers!!! spent most of my childhood longing for a sister, but then, I am a girl. But brothers!! and three younger!!!!! They used to hide behind the front door when I came home from a date and was maybe getting a goodnight kiss!
    Thanks for the follow- I suspect we shall learn much form each other.

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