Go Up Then Down and Up Again


Looking back on all the places that I’ve worked since I was sixteen it makes me laugh at all the different types that I have had. I mean to be honest I’ve only had five jobs in the four years I have been working. Some I loved and others I hated, I don’t enjoy the fact that once you end up in the restaurant business you have to give an arm and a leg to get out. Finding a job outside of petty restaurants was the biggest issue when I looked for a job.

I started working in a bar and was payed under the table I mean my parents were the reason that I had the job I was a nice kid and was very polite but it was difficult to find a job with no experience. I was the dish washer for that place until I got sick and was in the hospital for a week. By the time I was fine to work again they had found someone to replace me. They were a bunch of assholes anyways so it was no big deal to me.


Ok, maybe I was a little angry, but it was only cause finding a job was so hard sometimes and I really didn’t want to look for a new one. I spent about a year or so in my junior year of high school not worrying about it, I was seventeen why should I have to get another job I don’t need money. When I reached my senior year of high school I figured I needed to get a job I lived right across the street from a casino and I finally turned eighteen. I put an application in not expecting much but ended up getting interview and getting the job. This job payed ten bucks and hour which for a kid in high school is pretty sweet, I worked forty hour weeks once the summer came along and the dream fell from there. Once I started college I could not work the schedule the casino needed me to do so I was let go.


Dammit not again, but with college payment and everything about needing a car I couldn’t spend a lot of time crying about what has happened. I quickly found a new job at a new taco bell that was being built, it was one of the funniest job I had only because of the fact that I made friends there easy. I soon came to hate that job because I was making crappy minimum wage and I needed more money than what I was making. I left that job without finding a new one first which is something I suggest one never do. Dumb decision caused me to not have a job for a month. I finally found a job at Applebee’s to be their pantry line cook, that was a fun job while it lasted but I was still only making eight bucks an hour. This led me to the job that I have now at an Italian restaurant named Biaggis I’m what they call the Pizza Chef. They insist on calling all their people chefs and not line cooks but really I just feel like this cat.


All I do is I make a da pizza.

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