The Girl with the Healing Violin

I thought about doing a valentines day blog but I mean what can I say that no one else has said already. Though I have found a girl who doesn’t like this holiday to much I still do something for it. The reason I do this is that my father doesn’t like valentines day, and though I love my father I don’t want to be him. So here is a poem that I decided to make for this day.


I see the world in photographs

Something different every time

Not exactly the same vision

That you and I designed

But then I met this girl

With a little violin

Said she could heal the world

By playing a song of peace

I never understood what she meant

I didn’t get the memo the world was broken

But if you say it is then fine

She smiled at the ground looking at the violin

“Not right now!” She said with excitement

“But one day you will need healing

My violin and I will help”
She began to paint a picture

I soon understood what she meant

This world wont last forever

Healing broken seams

Then I see her there

Beyond the picture frame.

She lay there on the ground

Tears rushing down her face.

“Why shed tears while you heal the world.”

My curious mind would ask.

“I cry because I know my violin wont heal the world, But hope is what keeps me going that maybe that will change.”

I still begin to see the world in different photographs.

But the girl is stuck in mind

Her message pure and innocent

That she could play a song of peace

Hoping to heal the world completely.


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