This School House Doesn’t Rock


Now this post should not be seen as some sort of cry for a revolution or an over throw of the government. That is not the message of it at all, it is simply me stating what I truly believe. Over the years I have gone through an education system that never helped me find what I truly wanted to do. It prepared me for taking test and being able to write down answers on a piece of paper I would forget months later. It never taught me to think for myself I had to learn that the hard way, and I think I have done a decent job in teaching myself the importance of imagination and an open mind. I am not raciest, homophobic, I have not let a single person that I didn’t want to effect me change my opinion. I have taken the advise and knowledge I wanted to take and not the ones I didn’t, and I have done that mostly on my own. Now of course there are something the education system did for me than benefited the way I turned out and that needs to be said because with all bad things there is always some good.

I learned a lot from English and History and they were my favorite subjects for two reason, one helped me speak my mind easier with a better vocabulary, and the other taught me that we can learn from it and pave away at a better future. I went into college after high school unprepared for what I would find because High school hardly prepares you for what you need to know. This is because the education system puts so much money in helping special needs students as well as the highly advanced students that the average kids the middle section gets left behind. Do not get me wrong its amazing what we do for special needs children within the school system, But we need to make it better for the average kids as well.

So many people go to college some that had such big future, they crash and burn because of the way that high school made them feel like they were special. When you go to college it’s a whole new world, you are not special in fact there are probably people in the college that have done more than you have.

I want to have a system of education that I would be proud to have my children in and even further than that. It is important for me that they have a better life that I didn’t have within the schools. Some things need to change and I know that and I’m sure other people know it as well. I went to college thinking I want to be a teacher but learned that if I wanted to change anything and not be just another teacher I would have to do something bigger. Learn more about that system than needed to find out a better stance I could get. I want to make a difference and not just sit and wait for someone else to do it. I have the knowledge now to know that something is wrong, but not enough yet to know how to fix.

4 thoughts on “This School House Doesn’t Rock

  1. I enjoyed your post! I agree that there’s a lot wrong with most of the education system. There’s still a lot of good in it, and there are many great teachers, but they’re being burdened with having to “teach to the test” and fill out too much paperwork about common core standards, etc.
    In the end, though, I think change will most likely come from within the system, by the collective desire of teachers, students, and parents to change the system. But there need to be activists to start that movement to do that.

    • With the word ‘activist’ I feel like it has different meanings to different people. Some may see activist as people that are Anonymous. Is see the word as a group of people that care about a cause and act towards that cause. Whether you take it over the line or keep it civilized is based totally on the person. I hope that at some point I can help be part of the change that I believe should happen.

  2. True, activist is kind of a buzz word and I probably should have phrased that differently. I meant it in the sense of people who lead movements of social change, and with a positive connotation of people who care deeply about the cause they are promoting and who are thoughtful and not just blindly “raging against the Establishment”, as it were. (though raging sometimes has its place too, don’t get me wrong)

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