What’s The Best Life To Live?


What is the best life for one to live? A question that has very much taken the world millions of years to figure out. Have we figured it out? Do we know the best life to live? Some people would say yes, others no, and then there are some that would say I just don’t know. Finding the answer to this question is different in every person. This is understandable when you have a species full of intellectual minds, all able to think for themselves. This gets people to fight and argue over what the best life for one to live is, but say we take a look without judgement. Try to understand the meaning behind some of even the oldest philosophies, before religion came into play.

Egoism is one of maybe the most misunderstood of the philosophies, the philosophy is based around the idea of ones ‘self interest’. This a lot of the time gets seen as selfishness but self interest and selfishness are two different things. Egoism is all about what matters to you and what you choose to use your time on. No one can influence how you feel if you don’t want them to you can take the advise you see as important. There are three sides to Egoism Psychological Egoism, Ethical Egoism, and Rational Egoism. These are just names that fall around the same idea that your main goal in life is your self interest.

Psychological Egoism- We have one ultimate aim and that is our ‘well-being’

Ethical Egoism- It is necessary for an action to be morally right for it to maximize ones self-interest

Rational Egoism- It is necessary for an action to be rational for it to maximize ones self-interest

They all obviously have more depth to all of the sides of Egoism that I just listed but that isn’t what I am talking about. I’m am simply stating the main thing behind this entire Egoism idea, so pretend that those three forms don’t exist. Egoism at the core of it is about your own ‘self interest’ but that doesn’t mean in needs to be selfish. In some ways I myself am an egotist I surround myself with family, friends, girlfriends, writing, and reading because that’s what makes me happy. In most ways though I am not I do work and go to school which are two things that I do not enjoy that much.

We all want the find the answer to what the best life to live is and hopefully we can all find our own answers. When we do though hopefully we can all have the knowledge and understanding that all of our answers wont be the same. Once we all are able to do that I believe this world will be a much better place to live.

I find myself to be an agnostic I enjoy that life it’s a good life for me to live, I love learning and seeing all these different religions and philosophies. This is me looking at every type of philosophy through my eyes, I will be posting about a different one every week. I am not saying Egoism is a answer to one of lives great questions. It’s just one that we should understand and see why it could be an answer for someone.

2 thoughts on “What’s The Best Life To Live?

  1. I enjoyed this post–it really shed a new light on Egoism for me. I had never thought of it as anything other than self-centeredness. But within the definition of what is best for yourself being what is most ethical/rational, it makes sense. To some degree, I think everyone is an egotist of one sort or another. We’re all motivated to do what is in our self-interest. Even helping others can be a form of self-interest, though not always and I think that is where Egoism breaks down until you put in the caveat that what is moral/just for others is in your own self-interest in some way.

    • Agree completely like I said I am myself in some ways an Egotist, but I don’t define myself as one because I don’t follow it completely. You like Egotism, wait till next weeks Philosophy post ‘Hedonism’.

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