Sing Me A Song.


I may not have had the perfect childhood having a lullaby sung to me every night to put me to sleep but I had one where when my mom could she would read me a story. I had a book shelf with hundreds of books upon the shelf, so I had a new story basically every time she did read to me.  That’s something I loved that’s something I remember when I was a kid, when I found music though I would used that to sleep. when I was a boy going through puberty, so imagine 2006 or somewhere around that time.I was obsessed with Hilary Duff I mean lets face it half of it was because she was beautiful.


Seriously I was like goo goo for that women… but anyways I got her album for a Christmas present one year and I fell asleep listening to it. I had her songs stuck in my head for months and months there was no getting it out of my head. That was on my CD player so this was before any kind of mp3 player was the main stream thing.

Now with all of the devices we have that can play music I mean most people can play music on there phone now. It makes it easier to fall asleep to music now because I’m not a fan of silence if I am sleeping alone. So I use apps like Pandora to give me something to listen to when I am going to sleep. When I think about it though and why I need something to listen to when I sleep really goes back to my mom. From her reading me story while I fell asleep it kind of made me need to have something help me sleep. I BLAME MY MOTHER for all my problem, which when you think about it isn’t that unreasonable. Most of the problem that people have can sometimes be tracked back to their parents. How they were treated and what their parents did for them as they grew up. Now in this sense ‘problem’ doesn’t always mean a bad thing, maybe a better word would be ‘quirky’.

Of course I don’t blame my parents for all my problems that would be crazy if someone blamed everything on their parents. I like listening to music when I sleep, but I mean a lot of people like to hear something when they sleep. Music just makes me feel better in all reality whenever I’m feeling bad. So if I’m mad at you for some reason, just start playing a good song and I’ll be ok. Which sadly would probably work because I’m bad at staying mad at people, THANKS AGAIN PARENTS.

5 thoughts on “Sing Me A Song.

  1. I think most of my quirks come from my unusual family, and that this is probably a universal experience. Some of my happiest childhood memories are my parents reading to me. I remember that they read through the entire Little House on the Prairie series when I was a kid, along with the first two Harry Potter books and the Hobbit. I “blame” them for me being an obsessive reader (in a good way).
    I also like to “blame” them for raising me in an area with few other kids close to my age. Even through high school, the neighborhoods that we lived in were mostly populated by senior citizens. I like to claim that this is why I am introverted, quiet, and socially awkward, though in reality that is probably just my nature.

    • I’m pretty socially awkward as well which is something that made me into wanting to be a writer. I was stuck just listening to the thoughts that I have in my head might as well write them down. It’s also why I read so much but I would not call myself an obsessive reader I’m more of obsessive writer. I always want to write something every day no matter how little. It’s the major reason why I made this blog.

  2. Hahaha I remember the good old Hilary Duff music days!!! Early teenage years haha! You’re very wise, if I may say so. One of my favorite sayings is that “experiences shape who you are.”

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