They Just Fly On By


Many times in  my life I have looked out the window at the birds and had some of the strangest thoughts, I wasn’t they could fly or amazed at birds in general. Why have I never seen a teenage bird? That question always seems to come into my head whenever I see the birds playing in the sun. I have seen baby birds and I have seen full grown birds but not once have I seen a teenage bird, I swear I’m not crazy I just have weird questions in my head. My mind wonders sometimes when it’s bored and I seem to find myself thinking about if I was as light as a bird would I hang on the telephone wires. Yes to be honest I would totally hang out on those long cords connecting street post to street post. 

Another question I have also recently had, Do animals have an animal form of every mental illness that we have? Are there birds with schizophrenia or monkeys that are sociopaths. Giraffes that have the fear of heights, or can an elephant get a case of Elephantiasis and get bigger? I am probably just a strange man with a strange mind, but that’s why I have this blog. 

Thank you all very much I started this blog because I wanted to find a way to share my ideas, I have had this for less than a week and already have 23 followers and I could not be happier with that. So for all of you hitting that subscribe button thank you very much. 

One thought on “They Just Fly On By

  1. I read recently that chimps who have been taught sign language can joke, swear, and lie. They show a sense of humor and relationships and they can create new words and languages from what they have been taught. Many others animals have been shown to have complex systems of communication as well. Elephants mourn their dead. My anthropology book even speaks of various primates having “cultures” and technologies that vary by region. While there might be no scientific evidence to support it, I certainly think that it is possible that animals share a lot of our mental illnesses and far more of our “human” traits than we’d care to admit. In the end, how different are we from many animal species? I think there is a certain arrogance in assuming that the consciousness of other species is so different from our own, even if we are more sophisticated technologically.

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