I Want It To Have Meaning

I want my photography or the words that I type on this keyboard to have meaning because in my own opinion we all should be working towards a similar goal. To leave a world that is better than the one we entered in, but what is making a difference really I guess you could ask. The things that matter to me might not matter to another person, so the things we think should get better differ fro person to person. Really at the end of it all what we all want to do is be involved in the things that matter to us and what we think should be focused on. Throughout high school I had many things that mattered to me that I thought were problems, but back then I wasn’t much of a writer or to rephrase I wasn’t a ‘real’ writer. Back when I was in high school I thought that to be a writer I had to write a book and get published, I soon figured out was not the case. I was pretty good photographer though and these are two photo projects I did for my school on topics that mattered and somewhat still do matter to me. 



I put the message that the photo should have within the picture so you don’t miss what I am trying to say. I think the best way for people to get a message is if it’s just laid out on the table like these photos. I used my middle sister for this photo she was 14 at the time I believe. I took a beer bottle washed it out and put diet coke in the bottle. If the camera was just a bit more to the left then you would have seen my hand tilting the bottle to spill. I took this photo with an IPhone camera, I think it was a 4S. 



I took this other photo with an IPhone as well and put on a grainy type of look using Photoshop, This was my oldest sister that was my fantastic dead model. The pills were actually my dads, the whole bathroom was filthy before I took this picture I actually cleaned the whole bathroom and scrub the floor before spilling the pills on the ground. I don’t know why I liked red and black together so much back then but they still look good to me so I’m happy. 

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