What Would You Do With 50 Dollars?


I went to my philosophy class today and the professor asked us all this question that really got me thinking. Say you found fifty dollars and it was yours now. What would you do with it? My answer was that I would use it to help fix my car, but then he added something onto this question. If you could use that fifty dollars and donate it to help save children in some other country does not matter where you just know it could save someone. Would you use the money to help them rather than help yourself?

I would and it’s not because I am a better person than anyone who says no or that I feel like I am obligated to from guilt I would have if I said ‘no way’. I would do it because within my belief, and this is not a religious or philosophical belief, just a belief I have as a person. We are all here together, we are here to get through life together and if I can help another human being then I will. You can put lines around  or ‘boarders’ around countries and continents but in the end satellite pictures of the earth wont show a single one of them.

What would any of you do?

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