Through Time and Space


Since I was a little boy I have loved Doctor Who I have admired the show since I watched the movie with Paul Mcgann and I use to watch that over and over again. This soon faded and I picked up on Mighty Morphin Power Rangers along with some of the classic Saturday morning cartoons with my father. These kind of shows consisted of ones like Justice League, Pokemon, and Yu Gi Oh. There are many more that we both watched together but those were the main ones that were always amazing. As I grew up I knew very little of the show Doctor Who until it revitalized back in 2005. My dad told me about how I use to watch the movie again and again for hours, so I decided to check it out and watch the first episode. I had never imagined that a show could have such impact on my life and how I could enjoy one so much.

I feel like we all have obsessions and Doctor Who is mines it’s something I care about something I can connect with and I know that it has made such a heavy impact on my life. I have made friends over it my relationship with my girlfriend grew stronger for our shared love of doctor who. In the end though I just love the meaning behind the show and how the doctor can be played by so many young actors and still you believe he is this ancient guy.I would say without a doubt that Doctor Who is very important in my life and that I would be a very different person without it.

What are you passionate about? What do you love?

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