I Never Figured It Out


I never got to figure out what was being kept in the cage I wish I did…Being naive seems to be a certain phase that every person goes through within their life, mine was around the ages of twelve to fifteen. I believed most the things that people told me, I was mostly a follower and not a leader at this time. One of my friends brothers told us about a haunted barn that resided in the middle of the woods that were part of my neighborhood. We even had stairs that went down into the woods. At this time my friends and I were horror movie fanatics we used to watch every horror movie we could get our hands on. I was always a scared kid after watching a horror movie, I use to leave my friends house at night to walk back to mine, it’s amazing how dark the spaces between houses are after you watch a horror movie. I could always imagine someone jumping out of the darkness to kill me and would end up running home. 

Since we all loved horror movies the thought of an actual haunted house in the middle of the woods sounded delightful to us. We ended up searching for it in a big group, my three friends and I and then about three girls we would sometimes spend time with. We crossed streams of water that the people in the neighborhood told us never to walk in because a girl had drowned in it and died. This was due from the tar like substance under the water that you can get trapped in sometimes. Later in life I looked this story up and found it to be true actually being able to see the newspaper article. Even with those warning we crossed in without hesitation nothing could keep us from this secret. 

There use to be these trees within the woods that had spikes on them I never knew what kind of tree they were but I remember thinking how much fun it would be to climb. Someone had told me they were poisonous and being naive as I was I got scared once I tripped and had one of the spike jab into my hand. To that day it has been one of the biggest splinters I ever had, I spent the rest of the day thinking I was going to die. I remember I got so into my head that I caused my finger to twitch like I was having some reaction but in reality I was trapped in my own stupidity. I continued on though in search of this place that would show proof that there were actual ghost in the world.

We looked around for quite some time unable to figure out exactly where to go to find this little house, we soon broke out from the woods finding ourselves in a farm field of some sort. This kind of thing wasn’t a shock there were fields in multiple places within the woods structure. In this one though off to the side was a house, where in the other fields there was nothing. No drive way to the outside world like the house had been secluded from society, withering away without anyone know except for us seven kids. I stood back at first unaware that the place actually existed I was shocked I thought deep down we would find nothing. There it was though and as we stepped closer to the structure fear started to get to me. I ended up being one of the first to go into this place and what I found was just some cage. It wasn’t a bird cage, it wasn’t for a cat or dog but something much bigger, the only time I ever saw one of these cages was in the movies about the circus. In those movies these cages were used to hold a lion  or a different big animal but as I looked into the cage I saw footprints within the soil those which resembled that animal. 

A door opened and shit from around the corner of the barn that we were all standing in, frozen I stood there until I realized everyone was running. I followed quickly catching up as we all jumped back into the forest for the cover it provided from whatever was behind us. Thinking back it was probably just the owners of the place but once again naive me has screwed up his perception. As we jumped into the woods it was different from before. thorns were everywhere no matter if you jumped of ducked you got hit by some, I look back and thank whoever that I did not enjoy wearing shorts. We all ran in fright as it was getting late and the sun was coming down, we had taken so many twist and turns we didn’t exactly know how to get back. Eventually though we were able to find our way out of the woods though that wasn’t the last time we found something weird within them. 

I never got to figure out what was in that cage, I wish I did. 

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