If I Had One Hour


I haven’t had many people die throughout my life I have been lucky to only have to go to three funerals that have effected me in some way. As the years go on without them it is hard to remember them at all even though you know that you want to remember them, and because of this I wouldn’t have a typical answer. I wouldn’t like to sit with some of histories greatest philosopher or some of my favorite writer. I would pick one person in my life someone that I haven’t seen in a long time, and it wouldn’t be just for me but for my little sister as well. I would want to talk to my grandpa for one more hour if it was at all possible. 

I am sure that a lot of people would talk to someone in their life who has died and honestly the conversation would not be for me although I would like to say hello. I would pick him for my youngest sister who never got the chance to meet him or know him, I think about it every once and awhile. I try to remember him as best I can but it gets harder every year, his image stays fresh in my mind every time I see a picture that my oldest sister keeps of him. I don’t any picture that I know where I am with him, though I am sure that they are out there somewhere. 


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