A Fox Named Sly and Wrapping Paper Swords


Whats going to happen to my imagination? 

I remember so many times when I was a kid, I could play with the toys scattered around my room for hours on end. I got my first beanie baby when I was very little, it was a fox and I named it sly. He was a sneaky little thing he would always disappear on me and run away but I would always find him under my bed in my closet or one time in a kitchen cabinet. I use to have him on me where ever I went even though there was a risk of me losing him. As time went on though I started to see him as a beanie baby more than a friend of mine, and though that happens to all of us it’s always sad when it does. In everyone’s life there is a moment when you can’t see the world the same way you did when you were a kid. You learn things and it causes you to go to the dark side in a matter of speaking.

I have three sister as I have said before and I love all of them dearly and I have clung to their sense of imagination as much as I can. One by one though that part of them seems to fade, now my youngest sister has turned 10 and I’m afraid of the day her imagination fades. Me being her older brother I have used her imagination to refuel my own by playing many games with her, It’s always a sad day to see my sister have gone to the dark side. I have been doing my best to keep my sister imagination on fire and not let it flicker and die, because I feel it is important. With today’s technology though and the fact that she already has I phone I can feel that It is going away soon and I can’t seem to help it in anyway.

Yesterday though was a wonderful day I walked into my garaged which is cluttered with boxes that have yet to be put into the attic, I’m to lazy to do and also there probably isn’t enough room. I found two unopened tubes of wrapping paper which in my head is a gold mine because these weren’t just tubes of paper they were swords! I picked them up quickly and ran to my little sister tossing her one and hitting her with another, I quickly ran outside her following me close behind and we began to play tag with swords. The object of the game was to reach your opponent and tag them with sword by either slicing them or stabbing them. Sounds a little weird but it was fun to play since we have tree around the house to hide in. That game soon faded as I dropped my sword and began to act like a monster that my sister had to vanquish. She gladly played along and ran after me as I made weird noises of the unknown creature I was portraying. It all ended as she finally caught me and stabbed me with the sword causing me to fall into the snow and make sound of a dying creature.

I felt like a kid again.  


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