I Feel Like A Towel


I feel like a towel, yes a towel I feel like an inanimate object but not just any towel I feel like a towel that has been saturated with liquid and has been rung out until dry. That is the kind of towel I am except instead of liquid it’s emotions and I am being drained of all of them. I now only have a few emotions to throw here or their. Due to situations in my life my emotional survival tank has reach an all time low. 

It’s extremely difficult to walk around and pretend that every single person around you that interacts with you is a pleasant person. In most cases at least in mine it does not work. I bottle my emotions until they all explode so for sake of the argument (If there is one.) lets say I’m a Molotov now. I was a towel but I was rung out and then put into the bottle of my emotions and thrown and thus explode. 


I’m somewhat sick of emotions  and wish sometimes that I didn’t have them but I’m sure if that came true I would miss having emotions, It seems you can never win. 

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