Lego People In A Duplos World

Everyone changes, at least that’s how I feel and that the people we love sometimes turn into people that we hate. I have seen this kind of thing happen and it seems to be natural. I have changed multiple times within my life and most the time for the better, the fact that I like who I am mostly now is a good sign. I haven’t really ever felt like I was completely done in a sense, things within my life have change me dramatically. Pain has always been the big thing that has always gotten me to look at who I am and change what I don’t like. This all is why I chose to have my name as NearlyWes because I may never been fully who I want to be and I’ve accept that there will always be parts of me that I don’t enjoy. 

A box of legos that’s what people are. You place block by block the person you want to be and years go by some pieces fall off others are ripped and what do we do. All the other lego people come around and you have to be careful because as time goes on the pieces that made us you become lose and you fall apart. We replace them and reinforce them anyway we can, we fix ourselves because we can’t stay broken…not forever. We find people that we match with that like our broken pieces and except us for the unfinished lego people we are. 

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