Sitting In Disaster With An Open Mind


Huddled in a closet underneath a set of stairs, family faces close to mine seeing them for the first time since our last holiday together as we sat and listened. The wind raging out outside spinning so fast that nature can’t get a grip on it to stop, or maybe nature has gone insane and is in a deep rage. Thoughts that flew through my mind in moments like this weren’t always so bad some of them if not most were good.

Living in Indiana during the season of tornado’s was always tough to do because they came randomly and I myself have had my fair share of tornado’s in my view. The type of wonder you get when it’s far away along with the fear that forms as it moves closer to you, I lived in the same neighborhood as most of my family most of my life. When the news said tornado warning or when the weather was just to darn wicked we would hustle to the car and head to grandmas.

As we arrived so did the rest of my family I somewhat enjoyed those moments cause it brought us together in times other than just holidays and sometimes birthdays. When we saw the winds pick up all the kids (myself included) rushed underneath the stairs to hide from the twisting monster that has come to greet us with their present. This was always accompanied by my oldest sister getting so frightened that she made herself sick. She didn’t take the news that tornado could possible rip the house apart and kill us very well, but then again who would? My two other sisters and I stayed in the closet with the rest of my cousins, the heat within the closet rising due to all of our body heat colliding. 

I don’t have claustrophobia but being stuck in that tight space with everyone was something I didn’t enjoy very much as well. The adults all stayed out of the closet and watched the sky for most the night or went into the garage to smoke once they knew that it would be ok. As time went on and my cousins and I grew up we all started to stand outside of  the closet with the rest of the adults to watch the storms rampage. The sounds of my oldest sisters getting sick in the background still was present and if we still lived in Indiana probably would still be there. 

I loved and hated these times, the fears that comes to you when you see a tornado is strong and I don’t think I could think of anything that scares me the same. We were all together though one big family we stood there we may not have always seen eye to eye but when disaster was knocked we held hands and kicked its butt to the curb. 

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