I’m Rich Living Paycheck To Paycheck


You’ve called my bluff, I’m not rich never have been and probably never will I’m fine with that because really to be honest what has money ever done for me. It’s gotten me food, cloths, and shelter ok so maybe I need a little bit of money, but that isn’t the point of this blog post. That isn’t the point of this blog and all this blog is for me to be exactly who I am. If I ever figure out who I am I’ll let you all know, but the question I have in my head is “Do I need money to be happy?” 

I have friends that are loyal and that I can turn to and talk to when I need it, I have a loving family and every single one of them love me whether they want to or not (SUCKERRRRRRRRS). I also have a beautiful girl that I would do anything for and vise versa she would do anything for me. In a sense there I am rich though I may not have money spilling out of my pockets, but I don’t really need that. 

I find joy in things that are simple and non expensive like sitting in a Barnes and Nobles reading a book and sitting there for hours on end. I have been giving the gift of writing and reading, I read to expand my vocabulary and to experience the writing of some of you fellow bloggers. I write because I have thoughts some might not be as profound as other but they still deserve to be written down and posted for people to enjoy. 

No I don’t need that green piece of paper to make me happy because I’m rich in many other ways.

Do you need money to make you happy?

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