This Class? That Class? Dropout

As each semester of college ends it comes with a certain kind of excitement and annoyance for me, I begin to look at all the possibilities in the classes I can take. This one looks nice, oh so does this one and this goes on until I have my dream schedule for a semester all complete. Then I take it to the adviser which is just a fancy word for ‘DREAMCRUSHER’ and they look at the schedule and then at my major and say something like ‘This class isn’t needed in your major.’

I already can’t stand the education system that we have to be apart of I think it’s manipulative and wrong. The fact that to feel like you’re doing something with your life you have to put yourself in thousand dollars of debt. To make this fact even better you aren’t even guaranteed a job when you get out of college.  You search and search and ultimately those payment for college start up and your screwed.

Why do I pay these college so much money and then when I want to take some classes they just ‘aren’t in my major.’ Well screw you to buddy!!! If I’m putting myself in debt each semester more and more I should be able to take any class I want to take not the ones you make me take. I would like to educate myself in the things that I find interesting to me, I think that’s fair to ask.

How do you feel about this?

One thought on “This Class? That Class? Dropout

  1. I feel like college should be a time to explore anything you want to explore and a time to become as well-rounded academically as you can. Of course, you’re also there to gain job skills, but let’s face it, most of what you learn in college isn’t going to help you with your job anyway. From my perspective, you go to college less to gain job skills and more to learn how to learn and how to think critically about the world around you so that you have some chance of thinking for yourself and actually benefiting society by changing it.
    Also, don’t let your adviser talk you out of taking the classes you want to take.

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