Everything I Think Is Correct

Everything I have ever thought has been correct…


Lets elaborate on this thought and tweek it to get to an understanding for people who are not me. I am correct 100% of the time in my own mind, at first. The reason I put the at first is because it makes every other statement make sense to me. Hopefully it will make sense for you to. 

We were all kids at one point so we vaguely know how a kid thinks, kids believe anything you tell them and I have proven this by tricking my sister. Am I proud of tricking them for the sake of this argument…yes, yes I am. You tell a kid that two plus two equals five then it equals five. If they decide to take that information to tell other people and make their parents look stupid then by all means they should.

Kids despite listening to everything have their own thoughts when I was a kid I thought that my toys were alive, a common thought after watching Toy Story. At the time in my life I thought that was CORRECT, now that I’ve grown up I have figured out that in fact the toys were not alive.

Through my life I have more and more of these thoughts and at the time believe all of them to be correct, even though I find out later that they aren’t doesn’t mean at one point that were not correct. My brain hurts from that statement, let me try and put it in a different way.

We throw something into the air and it falls down what do we call that? Gravity, but there was a point in time when gravity was not gravity and the fact that stuff fell down when thrown up was some kind of magic. The people on the earth before the word gravity was created whatever they thought this force was, was correct.


So everything my mind thinks and believe in is true in my own little world, if it is correct to me then it is. Now I’m not denying that is major arrogance because it is. Despite that though we all had times in our life where we thought something was true for the longest time. Like when you have song lyrics in your head but they are the wrong song lyrics but nobody tells you.

Everything I think or any of you readers think is true at that moment in time matter how brief it is an despite when it is corrected. One mind which is very powerful think believes that the answer is true. Things that I think are correct, at first until they are changed by what the actual correct way is.

Unless we’re talking about my relationship, then I’m never wrong.




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