Demons, Fairy Tales, and Time Travel

I wish that I could just snap my fingers sometimes and I’d be taken back a couple years to the younger me the one that just started high school to warn him about it all. Life is a difficult thing we go through high school and right after are expected to go to college and make something with the life we were given. Something that just never made sense was why did going to college mean you were doing something with your life? Putting yourself in debt to go to school to get a job in a field that you find interesting and yet less than half the people that go to college actually get jobs that are in their major at all. This is a main reason I would want to go back and warn myself about everything. About how college is rough and not knowing what you want to do in life makes it even worse. You see and you think you take classes that you don’t care about and even though you know you should care you just…can’t. I’d love to blame it all on other people or a ADD problem but we all know that most of it can be blamed on me.


I have my own demons to take care of as I walk through life unaware of what the future really has in store for me, I can only hope that it isn’t waiting to slam the door in my face. My nose can’t take anymore of that it’s already crooked as we speak but I mean I’m really actually quite happy. As I see other people in my life mostly friends graduate I’m very happy for them but I’m not sad that I wasn’t with them. I’m not sad that my life isn’t the perfect one, nor do I wish that I had a different one I am who I am because of the path that I have gone in life and the roads that I have taken. Some of which were the right roads to go down but I took them to early and ended up unprepared. 

I never expected my life to be a modern fairy tale because it’s not and it never has been, I’ve always had my own problems and I’ve dealt with them from the help of others. Life is more like the early french version of Hanzel and Gretel which is technically called “The Lost Children”. In this story instead of a witch it’s the Devil and his wife who trap the two little kids and the Devil makes a sawhorse to bleed the children on. The kids do the smart thing and tell him that they don’t know how to get on so the wife demonstrates and from there the kids slit her throat and steal all the Devils money. So moral of my point is you have to lie, kill, and steal to make it in life…though I may be over exaggerating a bit. 

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