How Do We Escape?


“How do we escape the labyrinth of suffering?”

A question placed in my favorite book by an author of the name John Green called ‘Looking for Alaska’.

How do we get out? That’s a question that we all may have come across throughout are lives on earth, I have been here for 20 years almost 21 and have yet to find my answer. I mean I always come to some conclusions but as I change throughout my life as I have since I was born. My answer to this question would always change, I have already made a blog post about this but put the question in my understanding. What is the best life to live?

That is the same question just put into a different set of words, when I was a kid the answer was simply toys and more toys. When I got my first girlfriend the answer to the question was love, but things aren’t always that simple and the fact that we can go back and edit our answers is amazing. All question are asked in hopes of an answer that we are blindly reaching for, but what if some question are just there to make you think.

Why does ‘What is the best life to live? or How do we escape this labyrinth?’ have to have an answer? Everyone in this world is different and I believe that these questions all have more than one answer. Throughout ones life all the answers you have for these questions are a part of you. I wake up with a different answer in my head everyday for these questions because I am changing everyday. Who knows maybe in ten years I’ll be completely different or maybe the same person I have always been, my answers will continue to change but if I can look back on my past answers and learn from them then, we’re they really ever wrong?


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