Internal Battle Of Faith


Religion is a funny thing isn’t it, I mean to you and I the meaning of it can be completely different or almost the same depending if your like minded or not. Yet all these religions, Christianity, Judaism, Islam and the many other religions that are monotheistic think they have a monopoly on god. To believe in God is to in fact believe in a religion or at least that what I have been told. That my belief in god is not as true as someone who has aligned themselves with a church, synagogue, or mosque but yet I wondered why? Why exactly does my faith in God mean that I must belong to a religion to validate it.

Yet even within ones own religion there are factions and groups and if the people of the actually religion cannot all agree to worship together, then why would I join in on the mess. Christianity has Catholic, Protestant, Lutheran, etc. Judaism has Reform, Reconstructionist, Humanistic, etc. Muslims have the Sunnis and Shias, the radical and the peaceful.

That is only to count three religions in this world filled with billions and billions of minds able to think for themselves and within these religions believing in one similarity, that there is one god. Yet rather than stand together within that belief and become peaceful and except what they have in common, they would rather kill each other for what is different. Judge each other on their belief and ridicule what they see as wrong.

That’s not even counting the ones that are polytheistic or even philosophy for that matter. I have never been that much of a religious person I guess. That does not mean that I don’t appreciate it for what it is, it gives people hope when they are around people who believe in what they believe. That is a beautiful thing for some people. I choose not to be apart of it because it just isn’t right for me.

5 thoughts on “Internal Battle Of Faith

    • I never said that I was a perfect writer, I still obviously have much more to learn. I respect your choices as a human being to follow your god. All I ask of you is to respect my choices as well.

      • (My earlier reply was directed at jgarrot)

        I believe that those who just accept what people have probably told them from birth as the truth and then tell other people they are the ones who are confused have really lost the point of having “faith”. To say that someone should have blind faith, ( I read that yesterday) and that is supposed to have meaning is borderline insane. You can’t have automatic blind faith in anything any easier than my telling you that as of now you can no longer love your mother. Both are idiotic. God will “reveal” himself? Really? I’ve heard that many times. It’s just an overused phrase to say along with, “Jesus loves you” (he’s dead) and “You will be saved”. (Nothing can save you from the effects from the causes you make, except learning from them so you don’t repeat them over and over.

        Each person will make his own choice of what he does or does not believe in and that will come from his own personal experience. HIS experience and not the experience of someone else. I think it more important to find what you believe to be the truth. Why is your life the way it is? What makes you who you are? What have you learned from the causes you’ve made? I am a Nichiren Buddhist – This is what “I” perceive to be the truth because it doesn’t rely on something “out there” to fix my problems, or to be responsible for the path HE supposedly has laid out for me. “Reveal” himself to me? No, the effects of the causes I made myself will be revealed to me. Keep searching. You’ll find what makes sense to your life and don’t let anyone else tell you that you’re wrong. It’s not any of their business to insinuate they what they choose for themselves is what it right for anyone else. Christianity is one of the most intolerant religions I have studied. They want to make sure they know more than you do, and wrap it in an insult about your grammar. How insulting he was with his know-it-all attitude. Kinda pissed me off in case you didn’t already figure that one out.

      • Haha gonna need some water to put out that fire, or some wood to throw in it >:D
        That is really cool and I think you have taken what was properly meant to be precieved from this article. Thank you for the backup though 🙂

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