I Hate Frogs

I’ve been racking my brain trying to think of a clever title for this blog post but what the hell is the point. I’m just going to put it on out there for you all, I hate frogs. There is no other way to put it and I have tried to get over this irrational phobia I really have, but no luck for me. The house I live on is part of a septic system and there is a stream next to my house, I basically live on property where the ground is always damp. I’m sitting with a phobia of frogs in a gosh dang frog paradise, I see them hopping all over the property. I have recently just this week experienced my fears much more than I would like, keeping a smile on while inside I am screaming like a little girl.

This summer that has just passed my family decided to get an above ground pool, awesome I always wanted a pool. Love to swim, love to have a good time so I didn’t mind the idea. Summer passed and I spent a significant time within the pool along with my sisters. It’s now approaching Fall and we had to take the pool down, We drained it and let it sit out in the sun to dry out. We let that happen for about a day and we head back out, not knowing that there was still water in some flaps of the pool. I pick the pool up from one side and two frogs jump on out. Let me tell you that that situation could have given my a heart attack, I may have screamed though I do not remember after I froze.

cute-frogHe know what he is, he knows he’s pure evil!!!

If that wasn’t enough just yesterday I went to mow the grass, and as I stated I live on a pretty nice damp landscape. Taking the lawn mower I start moving up and down the yard, I come to a pile sticks and move them. The pile of sticks must had been a hut for a pow wow of Frogs. A group of them doing something, probably talking about ways to torture me or destroy the world. I counted five jumping away from me, I was fine with that a fleeing frog is better than an approaching one. As I looked over to me feet I watched in horror as one jumped right next to me…Dammit. I turn and walk away from mowing the grass, So moral of the story is…

Lawn mower My lawn mower has yet to move from that spot.

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