I’ve Never Seen The Notebook


I only find the fact amusing because I have been surrounded by women my entire life. I’ve grown up with three sisters for almost ten years since my last sister was born. Most of my high school life I even had mostly girl friends around me taking up my time, then came girlfriends and I invested so much time in them all. Yet with all that feminine influence I have yet to be forced to watch ‘The Notebook’. Am I missing out on anything? Or am I just lucky no one has asked me?


Well I say lucky, but I’ve been dragged to watch some of the Twilight movies.


Pretty much…

10 thoughts on “I’ve Never Seen The Notebook

  1. Hahahaha…depends if you love those extremely cheesy romance movies that are really suspenseful and you keep wondering what happens next! Curious, have you watched ‘A Walk to Remember’ ?

      • Well ‘A Walk to Remember’ is by the same author..(the book is) and I guess it’s one of those movies where an individuals life takes a turn for the better, where it once wasn’t headed in a good direction, both movies are really inspiring πŸ˜› they both kind of have a twist, they’re not your typical love stories haha. I like these kind of movies, but then again not everyone does! I didn’t wanna give it away when saying what it was about but hope that was a decent description haha.

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