Just For The Halibut…Hell Of It

Oh god that’s a bad title, I don’t like fish.

I’m not exactly sure what this blog is about, or what I’m exactly aiming for in the future with my writing. I find myself to be a decent writer, I’m sure some people would agree while other would not. What am I wanting to head towards? Do I want to write professionally? I have no idea. Though that doesn’t have to be a bad thing, I mean common I’m twenty years old. If I was meant to have my life figured out, I would have learned how to do taxes in high school.

Kid to Adult

I still don’t know how to do taxes, *shivers* being an adult and crossing that thresh hold.

You ever sit and wonder what would it be like if your life went in a complete different direction. Like if you could forget someone out of your life because the end result was pain, would you? I know a lot of people would say no, every person in your life was there for a reason. Certain people would even say that God puts everyone in your life for a purpose, to send you on your rightful road.

I don’t believe that.

I just don’t, no reason to ask why, no reason to fight this with me. If I could cut out some people in my life because it hurt, you know what I would.

Heck yes

Does that make me a bad person? It would probably change who I was, would I be doing this right now, or would I be out somewhere being a total douche bag.

Maybe forgetting isn’t the best option, even though I may not feel perfect right now doesn’t mean I don’t have some light waiting for me. I might be blogging for no reason at all, I enjoy it, I do it for free and I spend time on it because it is enjoyable. I might not become a published author, cards are still being dealt and maybe with some hard work I’ll learn to count them.

For right now though I’m doing this for the hell of it.

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