Happy Go Lucky…I Guess

Today I woke up to head to a job offer, I needed two things with me, my birth certificate and my licence. I couldn’t find my birth certificate, last year my car was in a shop being fixed so I had to use a basic junker. I used this car for a decent amount of time before it inevitably crapped out on me.


I was lucky enough to be able to have my actual car back soon after, but not before leaving my birth certificate in the junker.


So I wake up at like eight and go down and have my breakfast, two eggs and some sausage because lets be honest you were probably interested. I go to the folder with all the certificates and wouldn’t you know, mine is gone. After having a small panic attack I thought of where it could be, JUNKER!!! I call up the auto shop tell them the predicament and say “I’ll be on my way” In a dark tone that would make Jigsaw proud.


He has such a big head, XD Gets me every time…what?

I found the certificate that’s is what is important, now I am half asleep still and have forgotten one little thing about this car. When the door opens the alarms go off, I was not prepared for this. I jump fully awake now and hit my head on the top of the car, I now have a bump. Point is, I got there with everything and realized I didn’t need the certificate till orientation. I’ve already cried about it, soooo moving on.

I am pretty sure I have the job not really any doubts in my mind, it is going to be fun I believe. I know a couple people that already work there, that could be either good or bad. I came home after everything though and just went to bed, it’s all I wanted was some precious sleep. Moral of this story is…always know where important documents are…I feel like that’s too serious. Second moral is…sleep is good…wait third and most important moral


At least I am amused by it.

9 thoughts on “Happy Go Lucky…I Guess

  1. Ha! Poor you – yes, next time ride a bike. šŸ˜‰
    I understand Mercury is in retrograde (google it). Until it no longer is in retrograde (I have to google that), things will go wrong. Especially with electronics.
    Hope you have a better tomorrow! And that you get the job!

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