Nice To Meet You…Maybe

Have you ever started talking to someone and you get this weird vibe coming from them. You can almost tell that they are investing themselves into the relationship forming way more than you are. I mean that sucks because we have all been on both sides of that situation. It sucks when you are the one that is investing, but it’s like an awkward flattering situation when you are the one invested in.


It’s like your all playing the hokie pokie and it says to put your right hand in and instead your friend just jumps in completely. You’re stuck standing there wondering what the hell to do. On one hand you don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings, but on the other you just bought new cloths and don’t want to get wet.


Come back I’m not ready for the commitment!!!

6 thoughts on “Nice To Meet You…Maybe

  1. Yes! Happened to me last month with another blogger. Five minutes into a comment-conversation he was asking me out on a boat cruise. Found out a couple of days later he had anger issues – I dodged that bullet. It’s why I don’t give out where I live. 😉

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