52 Fictions Project: Week 2 – Where Are You Going?

Where Are You Going

Adam’s eyes flutter open with hope shining in them, at the beginning of this disaster. Light shines gracefully through the window shades as he looks around, his eyes adjusting to his reality. Sound invades his ears of the ruffling happening behind him, sounds of a closet being stripped of the feminine influence within it. Now only holding the male genders clothing, his body turns rather quickly as he looks towards her stunned. He doesn’t understand, he doesn’t want to believe what he’s seeing.

His wife’s desperate expression, wanting to speak but the ability revoked in the sudden sadness. Tears fall down her cheeks in the frantic act that she was committing. The tears she starts to shed cause his eyes to become blurry, moving out of the bed quickly he stares at her with a sympathetic look. Only in a t shirt and boxers he can feel the gentle breeze go into places that it shouldn’t really be. He shifts his weight from one foot to the other nervously as he searches for words to speak.

“Claire, Where are you going?” His voice came out in a shake, reaching for her he watched as she stepped back to avoid his touch. Shaking her head furiously as more tears began to fall scattering on the carpet.

“I can’t, I can’t do this anymore Adam.” The high pitch emitted from her as the voice scratched it’s way out of her throat. It sounds straining as she continues to sob uncontrollable.

“W-we can…” Tears finally start to fall from his eyes as the idea of what is happening fully integrates into his brain, his body shakes lightly as his voice tries to stay firm and strong. “We can get help, honey you don’t have to leave.”

“It’s too late for that.” The high pitch of her voice evaporates as the yell erupts from her leaving him speechless, frozen in the shock he watches as she walks around the bed.

She heads for the door muttering under her breath apologizes that fall on the deaf ears of her husband. He continues to follow small steps at a time, his voice speaking up as best it could to protest this abandonment. “Please, just talk to me.” His voice cracks as he speak to what seems like empty space. His wife was gone from him far before this day started, how he never saw this coming he would never understand. Stumbling through the apartment that he knew by heart he watches as she opens the door. Stopping for a moment she let her head fall down to the carpet that she had grown fawn of over the years.

“Please..” One final request of his denied as she walks through the door way into the world.

The sounds of the door shutting ricochets in his mind multiple times, as they start to fade leaving him like a Polaroid photo left in the sun. Light once again from the morning sun enters his vision, seemingly for the first time this morning. His breathing quickened as question start to flood his mind, after a few moments he starts to relax in relief. “Honey, I had the worst nightmare.”

His body turns as it had before his ears finally catch the sound, his mind finally focuses on his sense of hearing. Watching as Claire shoves cloths into a suitcase too jam packed for its own good. Shooting his body like a bullet he stares at her once again but this time no sadness shows in eyes, only confusion. His heads tilts to the side as if studying her under a microscope, her look, stern and powerful towards him almost taking his breath away.

“Is this s-some kind of sick j-joke?” His voice escaping his lips in a stutter, running his hands through his hair he takes a few steps backwards from her this time.

“What?” Her tear soaked face said in an annoyed voice of disbelief.

“I just saw you walk out the door…” His voice trails off into the air as she continues to look at him with now an equal sense of confusion.

“What?” Seems to be the only word that she can stammer out as her feet move her across the room dragging that bag behind her.

“No, wait don’t walk out that door.” He says as she has gripped her hands around the knob twisting it ever so lightly as she listens to his voice come out. “Please..” He says once again, she listens but continues on her way as she had before closing the door behind her.

His mind focuses on the sounds of the creak the door made, the sounds of her footsteps transitioning from carpet to the hardwood floors of the hall. They soon faded leaving him with nothing but emptiness as  his eyes flickered open once again, his emotions tearing him apart inside.

The scene happened over and over and over again, he honestly finally lost count. He felt hollow as the light from the morning sun intruded his vision, the same sound of panicked decisions happened behind him. Sitting there awake for multiple times he lied there in silence as she finished her packing, she starts towards the door and ever time she stopped to look back. Once noticing him awake, she starts to yell, her voice moving higher in higher until it becomes just a ringing.

“DON’T YOU EVEN CARE ABOUT ME, ABOUT US YOU MISERABLE BASTA…” The sound starts to become an inaudible shriek after awhile, continuing for a few minutes before she huffs and walks out the door.

Opening once again, one last time, he lets the lights come and cause his pupils to shrink from the harshness. Sitting up in the bed almost instantly after awaking, he could hear the startle he had caused as he walks out the room. His head not even turning to her as he exits, not listening to her sounds of disbelief. Making himself some coffee he moves around the room in his shell of a person, a fake smile plasters on his face to hide the insanity that has been built.

He stirs his cup of coffee before turning around quickly and heading to the door frame, he leans against it smiling at her before nodding her head to the sounds of her crying.

“How are you doing honey?” He says in a cheerful kind of tone as he gets a stunned look in reply before her lips part and she speaks.

“What the fuck is wrong with you?” Her voice shakes as she gets the words out in a tone he assumes is supposed to sound confident.

“Oh, me, whats wrong with me?” He stops to drink his coffee. “Probably a lot now.” She looks at him somewhat frightened as she picks the suitcase up and starts walking towards the doorway. As she tries to squeeze her way by him he places his hand flat on her collarbone and shoves her back. Her body slamming against the bed post, He smiles as he moves his index finger back and forth.

“Sorry, but you don’t get to leave.” As she starts to scream he places his hand over her mouth muffling the annoyance. He free hand grips her hair in the back of her head and pulls it back. Her head jerks as a groan comes from between the fingers muffling, dragging her he throws her into the closet shutting the door quickly. Her screams not muffled by a door between them he could still hear them quite clearly, sadly sounding like music to his ears.

“You believe in god don’t you?” His fingers moving up and down the wood of the door as he speaks to her in a soft tone. After hearing no reply except for continuous screaming he moves on from the question. “Well your god has been playing a game with me, and I can’t handle another second.” His forehead leans against the door as he feels the vibrations of the pounding spread through his body like a nice message. “You can never leave this house again.”

Grabbing a chair he places it under the knob to stop the door from opening, walking backwards he listens as she begs to be let out saying she would do anything. Shaking his head he walks through the house opening the door the bright sun stung his eyes, his footsteps hesitant as he walks out closing the door behind him.

“No, no, no, no , NO.” He yells as he opens his eyes once more to the bedroom, the sounds of Claire in the background clear as he jumps out of the bed. Tears falling from his eyes in frustration as he pushes the nightstand over in a rampage watching as the drawer of it opens allowing a gun to fall out. He runs his hands through his hair once more before scrambling to pick it up and cocking it, sticking the revolver into his mouth he pulls the trigger after closing his eyes tight.

A scream from Claire comes at an ear piercing screech, his eyes open to the room once again. He pulls the trigger five more times with nothing happening but the sound clicking change of barrels. Throwing the gun against the wall with such force it bursts open allowing the bullets to rain out onto the carpet. “FUCK IT, I DON’T NEED A GUN.” He rushes out of the room his body crashing into hallway walls at the speed he ran to the kitchen. She follows him yelling a storm trying to get him to listen.

“Adam” and “Stop” were the only two words that he heard in her fit towards his recent actions. Pulling a kitchen knife out he places it against his wrist and runs the blade down. He watches as he blood oozes out and down his arm, a sigh of relief escapes his lips as he looks at her. Her face horrified at the sight, but as he looks back down the wound he had inflicted vanished. He runs the blade down again and watches it with viscous intent. As he blinked the wound vanished once again, a frustrated scream explodes out of him.

“GOD DAMMIT!!!!” Adam slams his hand against the refrigerator  before noticing the small chuckles coming from Claire, he looks at her confused as she looks back up at him tilting her head ever so slightly. “Whats so funny?” His words were harsh and demanding as they left his lips, all she does is flash her pearly whites to him.

“Do you really not remember?” She speaks to him without a shake in her tone, sounding confident right away. “You caught me preparing to leave you, you fought but when I continued you pulled the gun out and shot me.” Blinking a wound appears in Claire’s forehead, a dark blackened red streak trickles from it.

Blood fills his mouth as he falls onto his hands and knees spitting it out onto the linoleum kitchen floor. He looks at the pool of his blood as flashes from the night flash in his mind like photographs. “Then you put the gun in your mouth.” She walks over to him as he continues to spit out mouth fulls of blood. She traces the exit wound on the back of his head coating her hand in blood, kneeling down to see him face to face she lifts his head up smearing blood on his face. She kisses his lips lightly before smiling at him as if this was the best day of her life.

“The devil made a special room for you.”



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