You’re Suppose To Say POLO!!!!

hallways are bitches

I found this picture and got me thinking of the different ways we all view life. Sometimes life is bright and colorful and just full of possibilities. The truth is that life is always full of possibilities, but it doesn’t always feel colorful and inviting. Sometimes life can be scary as you continue to walk.

It’s almost like getting out of high school and stepping into a pitch black hallway after graduation, as you close the door you hear another open but where. You stumble and fall and fail at certain things to find this newly opened doorway. Even though it’s frightening and you have no idea where you are going it’s good to keep a good attitude.

Imagine playing a game of Marco Polo with someone and you keep saying Marco and no one is saying Polo. You thrash around the water and finally touch someone. You open your eyes feeling triumphant but soon realize you touch someone who wasn’t playing. It gets awkward and then you have to start all over, but if you keep trying you are bound to find someone playing. Even if they are cheating bastards!!

That is exactly how life is, sometimes it doesn’t play fair and you get thrown through rapids on a piece of drift wood using your hands as paddles. You watch and see everyone else flying by in their damn kayaks and canoes, it rough and annoying and some days you feel as though nothing is possible. You just have to keep on moving through and not focus on the tough things that happen.

Enjoy the good things and appreciate the people willing to help you along, fill your life with people who will answer you with Polo or give you a paddle when they see you struggling. Especially be nice to the people smart enough to bring a flashlight in those dark hallway adventures.

But like the picture says, these hallways are a bitch!

4 thoughts on “You’re Suppose To Say POLO!!!!

  1. I like the metaphors 🙂 this is true! You usually look back on all you’ve accomplished and it’s a good feeling knowing you didn’t give up, or you chose to make the best of a situation and not let it affect you 🙂

    • I’m glad you enjoyed the post 🙂 Thank you very much for the comment, it mean quite alot. I think we all need to have these kinds of attitudes to continue going in our lives.

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