Stream of Consciousness Saturday – In The Middle


When I was young I lived in a neighborhood that had large woods outlining one side of it. Now on this one side we had in one spot stairs, these stairs led down into the dark trenches of the forest. Being young my mind concocted an imaginary evil lurking in a part of those woods. On our side there were paths and swing sets and places where you could read, I walked into those woods many days with a book in hand. There’s a river that divides the woods though and within the neighborhood kids gossip we had heard that a girl had died there once. The river was eerie, the woods sitting across it terrifying.

Never go alone, I would tell myself anything can happen to anyone that walks over to that side. As I grew older though I began to develop a curiosity to find out what lay beyond my boundaries. I did not go alone, there was a story this one told to use by some older siblings of my former friends. There was a barn in those woods, one that sat in the middle of a field, one that had secrets lying within it.

We were intrigued, now this was Indiana so barns aren’t foreign territory for us all. Five friends of mine embarked on a journey that we would never forget. We were gone for hours, this is before cell phones became universal items of necessity so the fact that we didn’t get our butts whooped amazed me. We all told are parents we were going in the woods, but we never said where. We all felt pretty confident in the fact that we didn’t actually lie but just told half of the truth, that was good enough for us.

We descended the steps and we were off, crossed the river quickly helping each other along and we were there. The dark reaches of the forest was before us, my stomach had a bit of anxiety. We walked for what seems like hours, we tried to find this field that we were told of. It seemed hopeless and like we had been joked with, but then we found our way into an opening.

There it was, a barn as well as a house. Now both looked abandoned and I use that term loosely. There were no roads going out of it, no drive ways, nothing connecting this to the rest of the world. We walked up to it slowly as if sudden movement would scare the barn away. Once making our way inside we started to relax and looked around, but it looked like a normal barn except for one simple thing. There was a cage in it, I’m not talking dog cage or bird cage, this looked like something from the circus.

It looked as if there were paw prints within the cage, in the sand that was on the floor of the metal prison. Weird to see that in a barn in Indiana but there it was. *Screen door opening and closing* Everything froze, we looked at each other for confirmation of what was just heard. The color drained from our faces as we heard movement, we scrambled running for our lives. None of us looked back to scared to see what was happening, we didn’t want to be eaten by a lion or shot with a gun for trespassing.  Mainly I didn’t want to be eaten by the lion but that’s just me.

Once making our way to what we assumed was a safe distance we took a moment to breath, our hearts were pounding in our chests. We looked at each other smiling and laughing at what had happened, at how scared we all seemed. We had found it though, our first adventure on the other side, and we found something amazing.

This is apart of LindaGHill’s Stream of Consciousness Saturdays check it out here

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