Screaming Sunday: Staircase From Hell


Some days you just have to scream about stuff, things that happened through the week or that one thing that just set you off like a fire cracker. Mine happened today. I am normally a calm person, there are certain situations though that break me and cause me to go on a rampage. I’m not saying I yell or attack anyone, it usually happens in my head and I just start yelling. These yells bounce off the walls of my mind causing me to continuously think about it.

What happened today? Well it’s quite simple really, my staircase tried to kill me. I’m onto it’s evil plan to vanquish me from this home.

Ultimately it was caused by someone leaving something on the staircase being irresponsible, but I didn’t get mad at the people in my house. I got mad at the staircase, I kicked it and wanted to hit it with my baseball bat.

Isn’t it funny how we get mad at inanimate objects like they have feelings. Like if I stub my toe I don’t get mad at myself for being stupid, no I get angry at the table and yell stuff like “YOU DAMN TABLE!!!” I say it as if the table in someway intended for my toe to hit it. I imagine the table it the big comedians and the chairs are the bastards audience.


Screw that table and that staircase… 😀 Other than that I had a nice week.

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