Unimportant Memory

Memory, sometimes it can be your friend or it can be your enemy. I’m not very good at getting to know co workers names or people who I meet randomly. I’ll sit there talking to the person “I’m Wes” I’ll say with a polite smile while they say, “I’m Blah.” That’s what they might have said because once they start talking about other stuff their name leaves my mind. I don’t mean for it to happen, and it isn’t that I have a horrible memory. I have a relatively good memory on things that I want to remember. If you and I talk and I feel we will meet again, I’ll remember your name.


Names are just one end of this terribly embarrassing forgetmobile. Birthdays are the worst, the only birthday I feel I am entitled to remember is my own. A future spouse and kids as well if that happens one day, but honestly if I don’t get a reminder from somewhere then it’s forgotten. Some people may get offended by this and I have been annoyed by being made to feel bad because of this forgetfulness.

It’s almost like I do it intentionally…


Obviously I’m evil, obviously I don’t care. If you truly want to believe that the absence of your birthday in my memory needs justification, just know that you’ll be waiting a long time. I don’t remember good friends birthday or my family including my sisters whose birthdays are finally sticking in my head. After eighteen, fifteen, and ten years then I should probably make an effort right?…..RIGHT?


Lets try and not see it as I forgot, rather than I just wanted to make it longer. Common now you get to have a BELATED BIRTHDAY.

If you don’t even get a belated birthday from me, then why are we even talking. Obviously I don’t give a….


6 thoughts on “Unimportant Memory

  1. I am very bad at remembering birthdays. My friends call me up on that and inform me and then I wish them 🙂 and with family , my mom reminds me early morning so that it would seem that I remembered, even though every knows. I stopped caring about these a long time ago. But I always wonder how I can remember unimportant stuff like lyrics of a song or even some age old quote but not something like this. let us leave it as the mysterious ways of our brain.

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