52 Fictions Project: Week 3 – Final Exit


This story is one from my past, I created it when I was in High School. It’s funny how much we change after we leave the place. My writing skills I believe at least have improved drastically, but back when I made this story people in my creative writing class loved it. 

Randy walks down the stairs stomping on each step but not intentionally. He looks over to his girlfriend trying on a Halloween costume that she’ll be wearing for the party tonight. He looks around the room of the dimly lit apartment and heads to the refrigerator for a drink. As his girlfriend catches sight of him she gives Randy a little smile before turning back to the mirror and situating the costume so it looks just right. I don’t why she’s doing that, everyone’s going to be drunk Randy thought. But none the less he smiles back at her while pouring his glass of orange juice. He looks over at the couch seeing another costume but for a man instead. He looks at his girlfriend’s purse unprotected. Randy walks over to the purse and plucks about twenty dollars in ones out of the wallet inside and shoves it into his pocket. His girlfriend turns around and twirls showing Randy every angle unaware of what had just happened. “What do you think?” she says while she smiles waiting for an answer.

“It’s…nice” Randy looks away while sipping his orange juice trying to think of a way to get out of this night…this party. He looks over at his costume starting to think of a perfect plan.

His girlfriend frowns “You don’t like it.” She says trying to sound pitiful.

“No, no I do you look very pretty.” Randy hugs her then turns around walking the way towards his costume. “So this is my costume right?” Randy says, he walks a little further before pretending to trip and spill his orange juice all over his costume. His girlfriend lets out a little yelp of fright.

“What happened?” She says running over to Randy’s side.

“I just tripped I’m so sorry I’ll go get a new costume right now.” Randy says headed to the door with a smile on his face.

“Well I’ll come with you sweetie.” She says while following him. He turns around quickly.

“No I’ll be as quick as possible you finish getting ready, or we’ll never make it to the party on time.” He turns around to the door again. “Or not at all.” He mumbles under his breath before making his way outside.

Randy turns the keys to the ignition the car whines then stops, Randy leans his head back and slams his head back into the chair. He turns the key one more time and the car finally starts. As he smiles he drives away going anywhere other than home or that damned party. Looking around the road Randy pulls into a gas station to find something to drink. He pulls out two dollars and places it on the counter. After getting his drink and almost out the door the cashier says “Happy Halloween.” Randy looks down at the ground and then out to his car.

“Yea Happy Halloween.” Walking to his car he pulls the door open before looking over at the place across the street a haunted house. The sign is bright green neon saying “You can win a million dollars.” Randy gets into his car and starts to drive down the street more and more he thought about winning a million dollars. He stops on the side of the road to wondering if he had anything better to do. Successfully doing a u turn Randy heads back to the haunted hour to find out if the ad is true or not. He stops his car below the sign the neon light radiates off of it.

Opening his car door, Randy walks into the cold air and walks into the warm house. Looking around he doesn’t see much of the room hardly anything was inside. The man sitting at the front desk worked on his computer without noticing or acknowledging Randy was even there. He walked up to the desk and rang the bell on the front counter obnoxiously, the man put up one finger to signal he will be with him in a moment. Randy sat there for a few minutes before actually getting answered by the man. “Hello sir my name is Hunter Stevens, what may I help you with?” Hunter said with a smile on his face.

“I’m here because of the ad outside…a chance to win a million dollars.” Hunter looked at the door and back at the man.

“You can’t believe everything you see.” Hunter says while holding back a laugh. “You get only one chance, no others.” Randy nods as he places the fee of one dollar down onto the table ready to start the haunted house. The man points to the door ahead and tells Randy to walk inside. Hesitantly he walks to the door and opens it peering into a room that looks exactly like the one he was in before. He looks behind him as Hunter waves him in; confused he walks into the room with another hunter waiting his presence.

“What kind of joke is this you’re pulling on people?” He looks at hunter with a disapproving look.

“Who said it was a joke, look at your dollar.” Randy looks down and sees that the dollar had now turned into a ten dollar bill. He looks up at Hunter surprised but also confused, Hunter points to the door ahead but something seems to be different but Randy can’t put his hand on it. Walking through the door once again he finds what he found last time, the same room with the same guy.

“You’re doing something it’s impossible for you to be in two or more places at once.” Hunter looks at Randy then points down at the money once again. The ten dollars is now one hundred dollars. More confusing comes to his face before he is shown another door. He walks towards it ready to walks through as his head grazes the top of the door he notices now what he missed before. “The doors they are getting smaller each time I walk through aren’t they.”

“Greed is a terrible thing, how far will it take you till you know when to stop.” Hunter looks at the net door noticeably smaller than the others now. He points to it and Randy walks through leaving the thousand dollar bill on the table. Squeezing through the doorframe Randy sees one hundred thousand dollars on the table. Hunter looks at him with a concerned look on his face.

“I must be close, must be the next door right.” Randy looks at Hunter who looks heavily concerned his time.

“Are you sure you want to do that, you can take this money right here and leave.” Randy looks at Hunter with a smile while shaking his head.

“And miss out on one million dollars, fat chance.” Hunter looks down shaking his head while slowly pointing at the door. Randy pushes himself through cutting himself on the door frame barely making it through. He looks at the million dollars sitting on the table in a black bag ready to be taken. Hopes of a better life floods into his brain, as he grabs the bag and holds onto it for dear life.

“Congratulations you’ve won a million dollars, now all you have to do is get through the exit.” Hunter points at the door Randy had forgotten to look at. The door was smaller than any of the other doors; Randy tried to figure out how he was going to get through it.

“How am I supposed to get through that puny thing?” Hunter shrugs at the question not giving an answer whatsoever. Randy walked up to the door trying to get through but ultimately failing. “You know I’ll just go back to the entrance.” Randy walks to the door he came from, opening it he run hit body into a brick wall.

“Your greed has trapped you here you wanted a million dollars and now you have it.” Hunter says from behind Randy. “But what’s a million dollars if you can’t spend it or even live long enough to tell someone you had it.” Randy’s eyes widen as he turns around quickly, to an empty room.

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