I’m Late, It’s Late, For A Very Important Date…


I’m talking about sleep…god I’m tired.

I’m going to blog anyways because I have a story for you all, and it’s a goodin…yea I really did just type that.

I underestimate my sisters all day every day, I still do it even though I get proven wrong every single time. The message must not be registering in my brain. They constantly surprise me with their every day actions and knowledge on things I don’t believe they should have knowledge of. I’m not going to dive into that territory of inappropriate jokes though, but they are there, enough to give little old grandma a heart attack and poor dad an ulcer.

My youngest sister Zoe and I always fight, literally, we do it for fun throwing fake punches and whatever else we think is legal during said fight. Constantly though I don’t give this little girl enough credit, she is strong and smart knowing that to take me out she’d have to get behind me. Choke hold like a Boa Constrictor wrapping its body around it’s prey, and she pinches…pinches hurt a lot.

Anyways, all my sisters have their strong suits in taking me down, I don’t feel safe all the time. Hanna (18) has the kicking down, Sierra (15) punches like Mike Tyson, Zoe (11) clings like there is no tomorrow.

download (1)

I just thought of the similarities, I can tell you who is who. Hanna (Blossom) because she is the oldest and at least tries to lead. Sierra (Buttercup) because I’m not going to sugar coat this and any family member that reads this will agree, she can be a stone cold bitch. Zoe (Bubbles) since she is sensitive to stuff and cries over everything lately, I’m blaming puberty.

The more I’m thinking about this the more my mind is blowing up to how correct these three cartoon characters are to my sisters.


You know those shows like Full House and The Brady Bunch, that isn’t how the oldest get treated by their siblings. I’ll show you how we really get treated by them, just let me find a picture.


This is the best one I could find, now image instead of just one but three of them. Hopefully someone out there can feel my pain. Yep, lots and lots of pain.

6 thoughts on “I’m Late, It’s Late, For A Very Important Date…

  1. *coughs* Well, what can I say, we sisters have to make hay while the sun shines 😉
    My brother must have felt the same I think some long long time ago because he was so small, I used to love bullying him. I felt very sad when one day I come home on a holiday (after I had joined work) and find him all grown up 6 ft tall and gangly. And any punches I gave him after that hurt me so bad. So I stopped fighting with swords and switched to words.

    • See even though I am bigger than them and I am sure punching me hurts them they don’t care. I antagonize them though and then I get greeted with kicks and punches. Drowning in bruises probably.

  2. Being the oldest in my family, I can definitely relate to this…though being a female, they don’t generally come after me physically, just verbally! Should’ve spent alot more time intimidating them when I was younger……

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