The Old Switcharoo


Most of the stories that infuriate me in my life are cause by women…

Sounds like a good way to start this.

Since I was a sophomore in high school to now I have been in two serious relationships, both these relationships caused me to go blind to the terrible matches we made. Both girls were best friends in high school, now do I pride myself that my presence caused their friendship to explode?…kind of. Don’t judge me!

I dated one girl for awhile then after that ended I switch to the ex best friend, now this was a group of three girls who all acted the same. If it didn’t work out with the first one then the other two will end the same way, some part of me wants to find the third girl and date her. Only to complete this messed up triangle, and then maybe get an award for dealing with the three crazy people. Then that Zelda music will play and my award will float above my hands while I lift it up. WINNER!!! I’m an ass sometimes, I understand.


I wish I did Link, I wish I did.


Onto the actual story. 😀

This story pisses me off to heights unknown, it deals with my second girlfriend and a little breakfast place called Denny’s. I spent about a month of my time trying to find a job, Denny’s calls me to offer me a waiter position. I’ve always wanted to be a waiter, I don’t know why I just feel I have good people skills. I could be wrong my people skills could be shit, but that’s not important.

So I go in for these interview go in five separate times, basically securing my spot for a job at this crap hole of a place. After the fifth time going in I bring my girlfriend in to have lunch, I’m happy and hungry. I was working at Applebee’s at the time which is whole other story I’ll tell soon. Now unknown to me, was the fact that this manager of the place hated my girlfriend.

He comes over starts talking to us, I’m getting a weird vibe so I just smile laugh and put on a convincing show. I eat, she eats, we leave, and I thought everything was OK. So I come in for my first day of work to start my training, except I don’t get put as a waiter or even a host. The bastard switch my job application for dishwasher, so here I am looking like a douche bag because I am getting upset. I may have cursed once…maybe a few more times, I was irritated though so cut me some slack.

I drive to my girlfriends house frustrated and tell her what exactly happened, she calmly looks at me and goes “Oh yea it’s probably cause the manager doesn’t like me.” With a clean expression, no surprise, no sympathy, just says it like it’s nothing.

Now people, I’m not blaming my ex for the bullshit of Denny’s that is on that corporations shoulders. I’m blaming her for knowing something like taking her there to eat would cause a problem, and she never said anything.

2 thoughts on “The Old Switcharoo

  1. You should be pissed! Withholding information can be just as bad if not worse than a blatant lie in my opinion. Dump her. You deserve better than that high school BS. How about date older women…… Actually, not all older women are smarter, scratch that advice…..,
    Maybe hold out for one who’s wisdom matches yours 🙂

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