Screaming Sunday: Pushing

We are going to make this a thing, It is important to vent out your feelings rather than bottle that crap all up. So here is my weeks frustrating situation, yes some weeks I may have more than one topic. Right now though, I only have one thing that broke me.

I hate having people pushed on me, like when someone in your friend group gets a boyfriend/girlfriend and they just have to have everyone like the person. I hate it, and I only hate it because if it turns out I don’t like them then I look like a douche bag. I don’t like looking like a douche bag, it’s worse when it’s family though. You want to like them you really do but sometimes first impressions suck. Maybe sometimes you are have a pleasant double date and the person you are trying to like can’t stop staring at YOUR girlfriends boobs.

That’s totally not from personal experience…


Point is I don’t like being forced to like someone, sometimes you have to compromise though. Even though you may not like them, the person that does like them, matters a whole lot to you. Sometimes you have to put your own feelings aside and at least try. Even if you don’t want to, trying can be the best you can do to not make your friend or family feel terrible.

I don’t enjoy it, but sometimes it is nice. If someone is trying so hard to get their loved one liked then they must mean a whole lot to them.

I still don’t have to like it though.


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