Cereal Killer


Remember when you were a kid and your parents would buy cereals like Fruit Loops, you were so happy because cereal was amazing as a kid. I remember eating it all the time, and Fruit Loops, Fruit Loops was my favorite out of them all followed by Apple Jacks. I was so excited when there was a brand new box of Fruit Loops in my families cabinet, I liked it so much due to a misconception. I believed as a kid that all those little doughnut shaped pieces tasted like a different fruit, but as I got older that kind of faded.

I’ve done the test and experiments and what I have concluded is they all taste the same, what the hell man. I don’t like figuring that out. This is what eight hours of computer training will do to you, makes you think of stuff you don’t want to think about.


All the gosh dang same!

My conclusion to all of this is that cereals are kind of like Santa or the Easter Bunny, as a kid you really believe in what the cereal presents to you. As a kid you believe there is a leprechaun trying to save his charms, or a tiger is somewhere talking about how great his flakes are, and even a rabbit is somewhere starving because kids are mean. When you grow up though those characters on your favorite boxes become just that, characters, they loose that grasp they had on your kid self and now are just sugar cereal.

I still eat cereal here and there because it’s easy and quick, but would prefer to eat something different? Yes I would if I had the time to prepare it. When I eat cereal now it doesn’t put me in the same joyful mind setting that it did when I was a kid, adulthood is not just a killer in holiday figures but also a cereal killer.


Stupid bird doesn’t care that he lied.

4 thoughts on “Cereal Killer

  1. That was great, remembering the good old days of enjoying kid’s cereals. I tried some Fruity Pebbles awhile back, and …just, no…no way are these any good. (I do like frosted flakes, though);-)

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