52 Fictions Project: Week 4 – ‘Turning Pages’ Prologue


I hear the crack of branches under my feet as they move in the quickened pace through the forest trees, fall had finally come so the ground of what use the be mud was now shattered leaves. Cracked and broken into a puzzle made out of a collage of vibrant reds and yellows. My breath vaguely showed through the brisk weather that had accommodated the season, raising my hand I swiped it across my forehead catching the sweat dribbling down. Allowing the cold air into my lungs too quickly I cough, stopping in my tracks my body leans against one of the trees near.

With one quick motion I swing the backpack around my body I yank a book out of it, I shake my head annoyingly as sweat makes it’s way into my eye. The stinging sensation causes it hard to focus for a moment until I am able to wipe my eye as best I can to avoid any further disturbance. The cold air has caused my nose to run, I probably look awful out here in the middle of the night. Opening the book I flip through the pages until I find the right one, this day around this time and start to read from it to try and understand where I’m headed.

She lay in the woods unable to breath properly the cold air effecting her lungs harshly, she coughs in a desperate attempt to try and help the situation to no avail. Making her way towards a near by tree she sits up and leans her back against, the rough bark gives some support.

I get it I understand, but where is she, these woods are huge, is she near the stream? Or near the road? Can she hear any noises? I try to think, not wanting to read to far ahead afraid that maybe she might die and if he ended up reading that by accident it would surely happen. I’m not even exactly sure how this game works, there are no instructions for this is there even any point. Or am I just reading the last moments of someones life with out any hope in helping whatsoever, is this just some kind of sick joke?

She not quite dressed for this weather, her skin grazes with goose bumps as she shivers in the darkness. She starts to cough more rapidly almost as if unable to stop, her chest tightening causing pain within her. She closes her eyes to try and calm herself and stop it, but she is fighting a losing battle. 

“EMILY” I yell into the woods not sure what I am expecting, I don’t want to read anymore. Placing the book back in the bag I swing it around once more. I start to run again, her inhaler had fallen out at school, when I found it she was gone. I should have gone straight to her house and given it to her, I don’t know what I was thinking.

That’s a lie, I know exactly what I was thinking, I thought that I could give it to her at school all nonchalant and look like a bad ass. This isn’t a movie though and my actions have caused this mess, because of me Emily might die.

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