Time To Change


So I went to my first meeting of Weight Watchers, after getting the job of overnight stocking I decided that to do this job more actively and efficiently I should lose some weight. This isn’t just for the job but it is also for me, it is something important for me as well to get me going. As much as I love writing and reading, they can’t be the only things I do. I also don’t want to neglect my blog because I love all the people who have taken the time to read. So starting tomorrow morning approximately 7:30-8 am, because I work tonight, I’m going to be starting a ‘New Me’ section of my blog where I track myself in my goal to becoming a more fit and active person within society.

5 thoughts on “Time To Change

  1. Its always a good thing to start watching your health and in turn your weight at the early stage. It becomes so difficult to lose a few gms later in life (especially if you hate dieting). All the very best and Good luck.

  2. That is exciting! Good for you for taking a step to change what isn’t working. It’s weird, when I told myself “omg I am so fat!” everyday, nothing happened…. then when I actually started doing something about it, I was like ohhhhhh, now it’s working 😉 I guess wishful thinking doesn’t always work. Go get yourself a gold star – you deserve it!

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