New Me

So my time that I said was a bit off I came home from work at seven this morning and just crashed, it was my second day I’m assuming it will get easier. As I said though today is when I’m starting to eat healthy and start my path to a ‘New Me’, as I decided to do this I remembered all the time I failed at it. Now I could have focused on that and said why bother I’ll give up anyways, instead I focused on the things that motivated me those many other times and plan to use them all. Maybe it was walking past a mirror or seeing an old friend change dramatically, or maybe I want to move faster than I can now.

Right now my weight is 326 which is something I am not proud about, but that is expected I wouldn’t be trying to change if there was nothing wrong. My first goal is to lose 16 pounds then after that lose another 14 so technically I’m trying to…well wait I’m going to lose 30 pounds. I don’t know how long it will take but I’ll get there eventually.

The response to my last post was awesome all of you are great and it was wonderful to hear all the encouraging words. Thank you all very much.:D

9 thoughts on “New Me

  1. You know why this time will be different.. Because instead of beating yourself up, & hating where you are at (which does no good to anyone) you have accepted yourself just as you are, right now, in this moment. You are accepting that you aren’t where you want to be right now, and that’s okay. You are still wonderful, talented, loving you, and that doesn’t change – even when the pounds do!

    • Thank you so much your comments here and on my last post really mean a lot to me 🙂 And yes I am ready to accept that right now I don’t look how I want to, and I don’t feel how I wanna feel.

      • You remind me of someone I care a lot about. 🙂 you know what’s funny….. I bet if you went out and asked 10,000 people if they were happy w where they were at in life and health….. They would feel exactly the same way you do! And anybody that’s out there claiming to have all their shit together…… is totally full of shit!!!

      • Hehe – yeah me too. You know what I do…. I go around and flush that shit right out of them 🙂
        Probably why everyone thinks I’m ‘evil Heather’. Hey, somebody’s gotta do it….. they were all starting to stink!

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