American Made…? Good For You?

What is it about that statement that somehow makes a product better, like saying this product was made close to you rather than China. Here is the thing though that China product is probably fifty times cheaper than the American one. So buying it is suppose to make you feel good about your country. I enjoy American, people like to bitch about it a lot because of all those ‘Big Brothers Watching You.” bullshit, but those people wouldn’t last a whole day in a country with stricter laws.

I was American made! Does that mean I am more important than a different human? No I’m not.

I don’t believe that having something have Made in America on it should make the item ten times better, maybe it’s a better product but flaunt that rather than America. I’ve been stocking shelf’s for the past couple days and a lot of it has to flaunt America and I just don’t get it. I started to think more on the subject moving past the whole America question and on to a whole new one, why are symbols so important to us?

If you were to take a whole entourage of symbols to peoples eyes we would be able to tell you what goes where. It’s interesting to me because what makes this hat,


cost so much more than say this hat.


Is it really because the Nike hat is better than the plain black hat? Probably not, it’s most likely the same basic material with a little variation of style. So why are their cost so dramatically different? Well in my own thought, I believe that it is because humans in general can be pretty flashy. You want people to know that you can afford the best of the best and you show that off through the products you buy and the stores you go to.

Obviously I missed the memo for being flashy because I buy stuff from Walmart, in my mind cheap is always…always better. When I say I buy stuff from there I really mean everything, I buy shoes from there even because they are five bucks. I also understand when people want to have those nice expensive items, especially as kids we have that pressure to have these nice items to be cool.


Best example is in first grade if you had these crayons then you were popular, “Hey baby, come color with me I have a built in sharpener.” There was a kid in my first grade class that I think used that line, I maybe lying because it was first grade and my memory is decent at best. It would be funny if it were true though, I remember begging my family for those crayons and just pleading. Once I finally got them yea I was in the popular crowd, for about fifteen minutes.

My fifteen minutes of popularity.


3 thoughts on “American Made…? Good For You?

  1. I never went for the boy flaunting the color box with the built in sharpener…

    showed their daddy still paid for all their stuff.

    I wanted a hard-working man!!!

    I found him… and he drove a truck with manual roll down windows and locks until 4 years ago.

    I love the picture at the end… made me smile!!!

  2. I value your question, in your blog post. And, I wanted to chime in from an older persons perspective. The median income for the US has dropped considerably since 2007ish, there are 16 Million people on food stamps in US, and livable wage jobs for older people, and families are still very hard to come by.

    If we support Made In America then we support our own economy instead of other foreign economics and ultimately we are able to add jobs in our “own house,” so to speak.

    In my humble opinion, it is less about popularity, logos and “symbols.”

    Here is a recent Consumer Report on Made in America Labeling laws, that might interest you.

    More importantly, American made hugely important for our struggling citizens, their families and kids and our economy.

    As the article stated, “More than 80 percent of those people cited retaining manufacturing jobs and keeping American manufacturing strong in the global economy as very important reasons for buying American.”
    I really, like the Consumer Report advice,
    Bottom line. If you want to buy American products, these tips should help:

    1)Read labels carefully, using the info above, in the report

    2) Consult websites that name companies making products in the U.S.:,, and – I will add to it where we have started a directory.
    3) Contact a manufacturer directly, and ask them
    4) Check report above listing of some of the companies still manufacturing in America.

    For those of us who support keeping jobs in America with American Made products, I think it is a good thing.

    So much so that we have created a dedicated audio blog presenting audio stories about hard working Americans making stuff in America. I invite you to take a listen, there are some interesting stories. America prides itself on that, human stories about making it, here in America.

    Most Sincerely, Alice M. Fisher
    (an associate for Patriot-Made Audio)
    Join us on Facebook:
    Phone: 301-404-9609

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