Stream of Consciousness Saturday – Timeless

I remember the day the sun never came back it fell past the horizon never to return. I wonder if it ever felt as abandoned by us as we did of it. I can’t remember how it felt to look at it, to feel the heat radiate onto my skin. I can’t remember what the forests around town looked like with the sun shining through the branches. My memory fails me, but I’m ok with that, because if you’re reading this it means we’re ok. God, I hope we’re ok.

This is the short beginning of a story that I have been working on, I was inspired to share after seeing what the prompt was for this weeks Stream of Consciousness


That’s right everyone it is Saturday and my first day off in a whole week so join on in and have fun, this week is MEMORY!!! I’m sure we all have some good stuff associated with that word.

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