Honk Honk

So recently one of my blogging friend made a post about how much she dislikes GIF’s. Those moving pictures irritate her beyond belief and me being the jerk that I am thought to make a post of said GIF’s.


But I thought about it and stepped back and asked myself, do I really want to be a jerk? The answer is yes…yes I do.


You can scream at me later!

ngg30 - Copy

I feel like I am, maybe not…I’m ok with it.


Is this annoying? Probably, I feel bad now, but I’m too far to go back. 

giphy (1)

I really am, I don’t know whats wrong with me. Maybe it’s something in the water.

4 thoughts on “Honk Honk

  1. Omg! I’m w your friend… They irritate the holy hell outta me too!!!
    Completely pointless….
    I’m sure we can expect more of them from you now….;)

    I’m gonna sneak over to your house and put 10 scarecrows in your yard right outside your window for payback! – hehe

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