God Is Under Pressure

Now I’m not in this line of followers, but I have family who is sooooo I’m going to talk about it. Now even though I don’t agree with this, I do not disagree with it either. I just have a simple question that I don’t think I’ll have answered. No hurt in asking it anyways…right? Do we put too much pressure on god?

I know religious people, my non immediate family are some of them. Now I’m not annoyed…Ok maybe a little…but whenever they need help they ask god. I had an uncle who got extremely sick and needed to be transferred to a better hospital. When my aunts insurance came back approving the action, no one thanked the good insurance she had. No, they thanked god.

I’m not saying it is a bad thing. It’s just something I don’t understand.

4 thoughts on “God Is Under Pressure

  1. They say God can do everything, so I doubt it puts any pressure on Him. But as not-a-religious-person, I am more apt to ask the universe for things.
    It’s strange the way we use faith. While the insurance may be good, there’s still someone, somewhere, approving something rather than, say, going home for dinner and putting it off ’til the next day. So I believe that’s where the faith comes in. Does God actually have any input in that decision-making? Some say yes, some say no.
    Does that make any sense?

  2. Hmm.I don’t know whether God us there or not,but I do believe that when you desperately want something, the whole universe transpires to make it happen. Have experienced this.

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