All I Do Is Work (Win)


Anyone else love that video of Emma Stone kicking Jimmy Fallon’s butt in lip syncing…I know I do.

Seriously though I have been working non stop and my days off don’t feel like days off cause I’m so tired all I do is sleep. I try not to miss certain things though to do here on my blog. Such as LindaGHill’s Saturdays events, or just random posts that make me smile. I’ve read the articles that have been getting posted by you various people, I just haven’t commented I’m sorry. I have this weekend off though, two days in a row HOORAY!!!!

4 thoughts on “All I Do Is Work (Win)

  1. Ah yes, the perils of the night crew…..days off are just as much a blur as the rest of your time. Try and get your days off in a row like you have this weekend. First one, no help for it, will be a sleeper but second one…..there’s hope.

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