SoCS: Addicted


I can see now,

You and I don’t mix.

I can tell that you know this,

Like oil and water we try to spin.

Trying to collaborate our properties,

Into one another and end up failing.

You call me an douche I call you a bitch,

We say that we’re joking.

That fake hatred though,

A liquid drug filling my syringe.

Introducing it inside my body,

Making the next day with you bearable.

I became addicted to it.

The joking became less funny though,

More aggravating.

Why all the time?

Why is I love you,

Always followed by a stab?

It’s unhealthy,

I need to stop…this needs to stop

You’ve become cancer,

And I’m ready to start chemo.

Hope you all enjoyed the poem I admit it’s gloomy but I was thinking about my last relationship and how it ended, and all the things that were going on while it was happening. I don’t feel like this now but I did after we broke up, it’s been over and year and I have been good. Sometimes though you just got to get those random feelings out, this was one of those times. 

This was all part of LindaGHill’s Stream of Consciousness Saturdays go ahead and join in the link is right here:


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