Lets Go On An Adventure.


Relationships, we all have them no matter what size they are can effect us in any way possible. Lets not talk about the end result though, lets pretend that part doesn’t exist. Now focus on what you’re favorite part about being in a relationship is, why is it your favorite? What makes it so pleasurable?

Sitting in the car with her (whoever she is) sitting in the passenger seat and us deciding where we should go. Where to now? That is how adventure happens, that is how you discover new things or walk out of your comfort zone. I find it amazing to be able to share a life with another person.

Though in my past relationships I have stumbled multiple times, I always find myself discouraged and with my parents divorce it just made it even more difficult. I seemed to forget what I loved about having another person that complimented you in every way positive.

After having this question asked to me and being able to take time to think about it, I remember at least a little on how i use to feel about relationships.

So, What is your favorite part?

2 thoughts on “Lets Go On An Adventure.

  1. Just being able to turn to someone while watching TV, a shooting star, a sporting event, or whatever and saying “hey, did you see that?” Having someone there to share those moments.

  2. Teasing each other and flipping the other one shit, laughing at ourselves. Making fun of other people while people watching and taking turns making up what is going on in their lives and what they are thinking

    The secret jokes and things that are meaningful only to us

    How the rest of the world fades into the background and each other is the only thing we see

    Having time stop when you lay in each other’s arms and for a moment know safe blissful peace

    Having someone be the first you want to tell about your day or share a laugh or tell a story

    Someone to be your partner in crime

    Having the support when you are upset and comfort of another caring about you

    I could go on….. Funny thing is I haven’t actually ever had all of this. Bits and pieces here and there. I just dream of how it should be like 🙂

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