Come A Little Closer…So I Can Smack You


If only.

SHHHHH guys you’re being to loud, no no come here we have to be quiet dangit.

Put that band equipment away.

No we can’t make smoothies.

WHO IS TYPING SO LOUD…wait that’s me.

What am I talking about? Not even I know anymore. Everyone in my house is asleep which always seems to happen to me, I end up walking around this house with this cat like stealthiness that I never knew I had. It’s nice when people are quiet when it is appropriate, or stop themselves from saying stupid things.

Got me thinking though with the help of the picture above, wouldn’t it be nice if someone popped up every time you were about to say something stupid. Like some magically elf that just smacks you because lets face it the stuff you were about to say, you deserved an elf smack. That doesn’t happen though sadly because as we all know thanks to the movie Elf  that they are qualified for three jobs making shoes, cookies, or toys. At least they have a short resume, (Bring back out the drum set I just made a pun!) No I’m only joking that would be rude.

4542230+_20cc23dfb1529dd018eb374bce201445Dangit Danny I said just kidding!

Some things that we say should just automatically shut our mouths, no offense but…and that’s it an alarm goes off in your brain and your mouth is shut for a good 10 minutes. The adult version of time out, that would never work I live in a house dominated by the female gender, I would die of starvation.


 That’s the dream.

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