Quiet Spaces In Public Places

I’m not a party type of guy, I’ve been to a few and all of them have disappointed me in some way or another. It isn’t really the party that disappoints it’s mostly the people every time. I went to a few in high school and it looked like a bunch of toddlers getting drunk. That’s creepy because when you’re one of the only ones not trying to get drunk, everyone else looks ridiculous. All the guys are out drunk calling their girlfriend that they are probably cheating on like,


“Babe, I’m not even that drunk!” *Hiccup*

All the girls are in the house like,

maxresdefault (1)

“Hey baby, how’s it going?”

All of this is a big reason on why I am so introverted, it’s a big reason I decided to write and start this blog. My conversations skills are much more impressive virtually. I’ve gotten better though with making friends in the real world even though it’s cold out there. Can I take a blanket out with me when I go out to meet new people?

No…I’ll look like a weirdo you say. I’m willing to risk it.

If anyone asks I’ll just tell them I’m going on a picnic. But Wes it’s December? To that I say,39415160

Libraries and Bookstores are my best friend whenever I need to get out of the house and go into the world, I don’t know what it is but they’re always cozy. I live about a ten minute drive from a huge Barnes and Nobles, I don’t even go there to buy books, I go there to read. It’s like going to a library that can almost guarantee you a book that doesn’t look like it’s been through Dante’s Inferno. I recently found a library around me though that I am happy with so,

joy to the world

Seems appropriate for December

I hate deadlines though, which is why I end up going to a lot of used bookstores and buying book after book. I have a book shelf that is filled with literature I haven’t even skimmed yet. I have the book ‘If I Stay’ at the moment that my sister just read and said ‘Be prepared to cry’ when she handed it to me. I’m an emotional reader I cry very easily whilst reading a good book.

I may take that book over to Barnes and Nobles and read maybe, sometimes I also write while I am sitting over there. I look around whenever I do that and spot the people reading, typing, and walking around the store. Sounds creepy but it is fun to look around at the different people that come into a bookstore to just relax. It’s one of the most relaxing places I have close by and on hand whenever I need to just calm down.

It’s something about being in a quiet area in public that is somewhat tranquil. For some reason it’s much more satisfying to me than being alone somewhere and it being quiet, that’s why I like libraries and bookstores. No matter who you are when you walk into either of those places everyone has a mutual understanding that this is silent, and that’s amazing to me.

7 thoughts on “Quiet Spaces In Public Places

  1. Exactly why I love libraries, but mostly book stores. There’s almost a meeting of the minds there — everyone is there for the love of reading, even if it’s not their own. It’s being sociable without having to socialize. 🙂

    • Right give me a book store any day. If I can rack up those “being outside” points by being in a quiet store, well that’s the best thing ever. Though sometimes I go into a scenario that I may meet another reader, and we would actually have a quiet conversation. Scandalous I know talking in a library or a bookstore, I’m a bad boy we all know. Now this comment is too long I’ll end it here with some fireworks. *sets off fireworks*

  2. I agree with you that libraries and bookstores are the most calming places. You can read, browse, and maybe have a coffee, while people watching. And the smell…ahh, coffee and books! Never been a party going person, either…much prefer the quiet type of socializing. Happy reading! 🙂

    • Funny how Barnes and Nobles figured that out and started putting Starbucks in their stores. Something about the combination is amazing. I went to a place once that was a Quiznos and a Dunkin Donuts combined. The fumes could have melted your skin, that place is where toxic gas is born.

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