Candy Cane Shivs and Unfocused Cameras

I was eating a candy cane today because common it’s December and a week before Christmas so it’s basically the law to eat candy canes. I don’t know about you though, but I for one unwrap my candy cane little by little. Those of you who unwrap the entire thing and just go at it are braver than I.

Kid with cane

Because this is just madness.

The candy cane gets sticky not from just the part you’ve eaten but the part your hands have touched, then you have to put it down carefully or else things will stick to it. No matter how hard you try though you always mess up, the minty treat gets dirty causing you to get another. Thus the cycle of wasted candy canes continues. I know, it’s a hard life sometimes.

I’ve always had fond memories of candy canes from my many Christmas adventures to my Grandmothers as a kid, she lived right down the street. She had this tree decoration that hangs in her house around this time of year that holds tiny candy canes. As a kid I always thought those were just regular sized ones, the actual regular sized ones were ‘grown up’ size in my eyes.


Little baby candy canes.

There are two things I love about candy canes.

1. I could fashion it into a dangerous weapon.


Get me a good present or else I’ll shank you

I’m only joking…

*awkward silence*

And 2. The little ring that is created from the plastic barrier while eating.

(I can’t find a picture of what I’m talking about so one moment)

unnamed (1)

Camera: Lets focus on the presents

Me: No, the candy cane

Camera: No…presents

Me: Seriou…

Camera: PRESENTS!!!!

Look guys I tried to reason with it, but there was no persuading my camera to focus on the candy cane. You see what I mean hopefully, that ring around that forms to show the stuff you haven’t yet got to. I don’t exactly know what it is but when I peal the plastic and see it I get a gratified feeling.

Crap, I think I lost my candy cane from the picture. No trouble though I have a whole box of these things, who wants to throw a candy cane party? I have plenty to share.

Hope you are all having a good day, talk to you again in the next post.

unnamed (2)

Crazy girl doesn’t care it’s cold, she just wants to play.  w

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